There’s a reason German Shepherds are usually trained to be K9s. Their natural predisposition for physical activities and their genetic athleticism make them the best candidates.

This puppy was filmed running after his owner on a beach. Dad looked fit, and he was keen on showing his dog what he’s truly made of.

The puppy ran along, but because he’s just a wee one, he couldn’t catch up to dad’s running speed yet. We say enjoy your running lead while you can, dad. Your puppy will overtake you soon.

The German Shepherd breed is naturally curious, protective, and courageous. Add those to natural agility and sure-footedness, and you have your very own world-class pet.

German Shepherds are also known for being gentle, so they’re generally all-purpose workers. They could chill with you and hang, but then they could also switch into their power mode when needed.

We’re thanking the heavens for them, and we can only imagine what this little puppy will become in the future. He certainly has all the odds stacked in his favor, the lucky dog.

We’re sure his dad will take advantage of all the opportunities that could help his furry pet become the best he could be. We wouldn’t be surprised if dad trains him every single day.

It’s a lot for a puppy, but if that training is in the form of beach escapades and water games, this pup will go for all of them. We could hardly wait to see what this puppy achieves in time.

Here’s to tons of fun adventures and discoveries, pet. We hope you know just how fortunate you are for having the kind of fur parents you have.

We know you’ll beat dad in running soon, so stay healthy and active. Mad props to your owners for sharing this clip on the net!

Credits to DogLove 24 via YouTube


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