Alan Whitton from Essex, 49-year-old is just a passionate dog lover. After his dear pet Tinker died, he adopted a new dog, a little Jack Russell Terrier, whom he called Mitzi.

The Missing Dog

While these two best friends were walking in the park, Mitzi was spooked by a stray dog, so she ran off. The owner, Alan, couldn’t follow her because she was too fast for him. He was heartbroken and couldn’t understand why his dear pet vanished just like that. Alan asked the neighbors and local people for help to join him in the search. An entire neighborhood was covered with ‘missing dog’ posters.

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Mitzi had been missing for three days and was nowhere to be found, and she hadn’t gotten back home. One lady called Alan and told him how she heard the dog whimpering from a foxhole because her dog was smelling something around the hole. Is that Mitzi?

Tried To Catch A Fox, But The Fox Caught Him

After receiving such valuable information, Alan rushed to check where his pet might be. After 50 hours of searching, local search found this little dog stuck in a foxhole. Alan started digging the ground around the foxhole. When the locals saw how desperate he was to find his lost dog, they immediately helped him.
At one moment, a lucky dog-lover saw Mitzi’s head in the hole. He was over the moon and continued digging as fast as he could until he could get Mitzi out of the tunnel. Finally, Alan reunited with his beloved dog, Mitzi.
He got an early Christmas present. The moment he had her in his arms was genuinely emotional. He hugged and kissed his precious friend as tears rolled down his eyes. We are so glad things turned out for these loving friends.

Source Mark 1333 via Youtube


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