So, first off, do dogs even need shoes? They do! Dog shoes can protect your pup’s sensitive paws, and they are a great idea depending on the climate and the kind of activities you do with your pet. Properly fitted dog shoes can significantly help during hot summers and cold winters.
After all, you wouldn’t want your dog to walk around on hot summer concrete unprotected, right? Ice can also cut your dog’s feet during winter or cause other foot injuries. Some common de-icing chemicals can also harm your dog’s paws.

Choosing the Right Dog Footwear

You have a surprising amount of options when it comes to dog footwear. You can buy shoes that look like designer sneakers, no-skid socks, balloon-like rubber dog shoes, and more. It depends on whether you want something practical or fashionable.

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Make sure you do your research before settling on a specific brand. Some dog shoes are intended for winter use only, while others can be worn all year round. It would help if you bought dog footwear appropriate for the weather conditions in the area where you and your dog will walk.

Getting Your Dog to Wear Shoes

Your new dog shoes should follow all fit and measurement instructions because you want comfortable shoes that always stay on. Now it’s time to help your dog form a positive association with their new footwear.

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You can do this by getting your dogs used to their new shoes. Give them plenty of praise and treats as you practice putting the boots on and off. Then, let them walk around with one shoe on. Then, two, three, and four shoes were on. Don’t rush the process.
Dog shoes can help your dog out in harsh weather conditions and prevent your dog from slipping on tile, hardwood, and other polished floors. Dog shoes are excellent if you can get your dog to like wearing them. They allow your dog to spend more time with you in all situations.

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