A man found a stray dog in the middle of the city in California. It was his way home when he came across this poor dog sitting on the side of the road. It’s dirty and weak because it lives alone in the street without food, water, or shelter.

A stray dog was hard to capture

The man attempted to reach the dog, but it became aggressive. It barked so loud and tried to bite him. Regardless, the dog seems to be fearful of humans. Others say that the dog acted that way because it was hurt by the animal control officers who once attempted to capture and harm it using their catchpoles.

The man didn’t give up and asked for advice from a veterinarian on how to get the puppy calmly. The vet suggested administering a tranquilizer. Then, the dog became relaxed and quiet after a few hours.

The man helped the dog and sent it home

The man and the vet then attempted to re-capture the dog, but it refused to go with them. They had difficulty gaining the dog’s trust but could take it with them after a few minutes.
The vet took the dog inside the clinic to assess its condition. Sadly, it has a lot of fleas and wounds. There were bruises all over its body, as well. The concerned veterinarian gave it a thorough bath and a haircut. Also he even brushed the dog’s teeth and trimmed its nails. Now, the dog looked so lovely and smelled good.
The man came back to the clinic and decided to bring the dog home. He adopted it and named it Zuzi. From that day forward, he ensured the dog got enough food and a room to sleep around his house.
The dog has become the man’s best companion ever since. It appeared overjoyed that it had found a new home and family that would look after it and treat it like a family member.

Source Howl of a Dog via Youtube.


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