Balancing on a skateboard can be quite a challenge. Even I find it hard to stay upright on a skateboard for over a second. It slips from under me whenever I try to keep my feet on the skateboard. However, when I watch videos of dogs that can stay on a skateboard for over a few seconds, I realize that dogs are much better than me, just like the pup in this featured video.

The video was recorded at a skate park in Vastom, Italy. It features a man and his dog showcasing their skateboarding skills, and the dog is undoubtedly skilled in his craft. The video begins with the man pushing his dog, who is balanced on a skateboard.

The video is so incredible that the dog can steer the skateboard and return to its owner while being pushed off in one direction. They repeat this several times, and the dog steers himself back to his owner each time. With his little cape, the pup looks adorable as he circles his owner, glancing at him every time he passes.

The skateboarding canine walks on the edge of the skateboard and pushes down with his paws to change its direction. The intelligent pup knows where to turn without making a single mistake, and it’s impressive considering how difficult it is to even balance on a skateboard. When he slows down and his owner is nowhere to be seen to push him off, the bright pup knows how to walk the skateboard and push off with his hind legs! What a delightful show-off.

Watch the skillful Australian Shepherd show his skateboarding skills in the video below.

Source ViralHog via Rumble


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