A family in Canada was heartbroken when their foster dog ran away from home in the cold winter. After the escaping incident, the community helps reunite the dog with his foster family.
Rod is a 10-month-old Bernese Mountain dog with a quiet personality. He struggled so much with socialization that he was placed in a foster home with Miriam and Hugh Campbell.
The two have experience assisting animal friends in coming out of their shells, making them the ideal team to help the puppy. Rod grew more at ease while being fostered and became comfortable that he bolted out the Campbell family’s door one evening.

Ellie Methot, Miriam, and Hugh’s daughter, was so attached to the stubborn pup that she was the first on the scene in the quest for their missing pet.

She turned to her husband, Marc Methot, a former Ottawa Senators hockey player with a Twitter following of over 67,000, to assemble a dedicated search team. Within minutes, Rod had been spotted all over town.
When Ottawa Police Constable Stephen Kirtz saw the Twitter post, he looked for Rod. While surveying the area, he came across the missing pup but could not capture him due to Rod’s dealing with new people.
The rescuers were unable to catch him. Rod quickly escaped his vision, and as darkness fell on the Canadian city, he went unnoticed until the following day.
Everyone was back on the hunt early the following day when another Bernese Mountain Dog owner heard about Rod’s situation. Logan Blaire set out on his search for Rod, guided only by a gut instinct he couldn’t explain.
Logan and his girlfriend began their quest near the train tracks, hoping to find an area people had yet to search. Fortunately, the escaping puppy had finally seen.
Ellie and her parents arrived quickly, eager to reunite with their favorite foster pooch. Rod’s eyes glowed when he saw his favorite people, and he greeted them with a tail wag and kisses.

We are so grateful that Rod had such an incredible team of animal lovers by his side during this frightening experience and that he is now safe and sound!

Watch the video below!

Source: Ottawa Citizen via Youtube


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