In Moscow, Russia, a playful Golden Retriever named Martin chose to make himself the center of attention during a live TV weather report. But the more shocking thing is this? He did more than steal the show.
When reporter Nadezhada Serezhkina began the live broadcast, a video captured a dog leaping up to the clueless reporter and grabbing her microphone before escaping with it.

With a shock on her face, Serezhkina chases the Golden retriever, telling her to stop, but the naughty dog continues to run away. However, the dog continues to escape, and the viewers on Mir TV, a channel broadcasting to countries in the former Soviet Union, are left in awe.

In the studio, anchor Elina Dashkueva appeared puzzled momentarily before explaining that the reporter had lost her connection. The anchor just made a reason for the delay of the weather report.
She warned viewers that April would be less unstable than March, though people expected to rain. After the sudden reason of the anchor in the studio, Serezhkina returned to the screen for about 30 seconds with an update.
She assured the viewers that no one was hurt, but the naughty dog bit the microphone. This is evidenced by a close-up image she showed to the viewers.

Even though Serezhkina was startled by the sudden mic-snatching, luckily, no one was hurt in the incident. Martin, the playful dog, had meant no harm; he just liked playing, and given that the microphone was colorful, it mistakenly looked like a toy to him.

Serezhkina and Martin appeared to part as friends, shaking hands and paws at the end of their encounter. Although Serezhkina’s weather report took a back seat due to Martin’s disruption, his contribution to the segment undoubtedly brightened everyone’s day.

Here is the footage below.


Credit: Inside Edition via Youtube


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