We all have that one friend who likes to pose ridiculously in photos while the rest of us try to look cute. It turns out that this is not limited to humans. Dogs do it, too.

Meet Kiko, the 9-month-old Finnish Spitz in a photogenic dog family. Kiko lives with two other Finnish Spitz, Tofu and Mika, a White Swiss Shepherd named Kaya, and a Black German Shepherd named Hades.

The dog owner, Ashley Macpherson, enjoys posting photos on Instagram. In all the images, Kiko’s postures are slightly more amusing than the other dogs’.

Whenever the owner takes pictures of the dogs, Kiko turns her head 180 degrees, giving her the appearance of the possessed girl from The Exorcist. 

But this is not a horror film, and Kiko is not frightening. Her silly pose is one of the cutest things you will see all day!

Kiko’s extraordinary talent

When Macpherson tries photographing her dogs in a group photo, Kiko often rotates her head. The dog’s stunt is a little disturbing and frightening at first, but it’s just that her neck is exceptionally supple.

Macpherson believes that Kiko, as the youngest in the family, can’t resist but bring a sense of humor to every situation.

Also, before Kiko came along, Tofu, the other Finnish Spitz, was the equivalent of Kiko’s naughty gestures because Tofu used to scream whenever Macpherson tried to take a photo.

“A little puppy named Kiko was born shortly after the coronavirus outbreak.”

Quarantine in New Zealand began. Hence, Macpherson expressed gratitude for having Kiko’s goofy personality around to help the year 2020 go by a little faster.

Macpherson mentioned that Finnish Spitz dogs are known for being very vocal. Kiko and Tofu, being a part of this breed, are also quite talkative and constantly seek attention. Kiko’s amusing poses effectively gain people’s attention, so she continues to be cheerful.

Credit: Images via My Modern Met


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