Since the pandemic, everybody was forced to work from home during lockdowns. Some liked it while others didn’t.

While this set-up was received with mixed reviews, there was one community that actually benefited the most from this work-from-home gig.

It’s no other than the pet community, and we’re not surprised that this furry bunch received such news so well. They had every reason to celebrate because it meant more time with their hooman.

Most of us in the workforce liked working from home because it saved us a lot. No more traffic, no wasted time, and no more getting up too early in the morning to take a shower.

Welcome change

It meant more snooze-time for us, but we discovered that there were also downsides to it. The lines between domestic duties and work duties became blurred, and it was tough to juggle both.

Our brains got a bit addled because the workplace was from home. There wasn’t any visual switch for the brain to clue in that it was office work time.

Furry disruption

As a result, employees who worked from home found themselves struggling to find a balance to get their responsibilities done on both aspects.

This German Shepherd named Remy certainly welcomed this opportunity. To her, it meant that she got more time with dad, and she was all for it.

Problem solved

The problem was, dad was always on his computer, and that didn’t sit well with Remy. She probably wondered if that’s what her dad did all day at his office.

Remy decided this simply wouldn’t do, so she hopped on her dad’s worktable. That immediately put a stop to his work, and she definitely got his attention.

We think all pets should practice doing this to effectively get their hooman’s attention. Well done, Remy, but please let dad work after he gives you what you need, okay?

Credits to DogLove 24 via YouTube


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