Dead Dog Beach is an infamous place in Puerto Rico where people dump unwanted dogs. A lot of abandoned and stray dogs are found in Dead Dog Beach every day, and the horrible practice continues to this day. Thankfully, a dog rescue organization based in Puerto Rico called The Sato Project focuses on rescuing dogs that were abandoned in Dead Dog Beach.

One of the many dogs that volunteers of The Sato Project rescued is named Murray. Murray was one of three puppy siblings that were rescued at the beach. However, shortly after the rescue, Murray soon showed signs of distemper, which is a virus that affects the nervous system in dogs. Puppies that get infected by the virus have a slim chance of survival.

One of Murray’s siblings already died from the disease, and there was little chance that Murray will survive as well. The vet and the founder of The Sato Project, Christine Beckles, both agreed that Murray should be euthanized to end his suffering. However, when the time came to put Murray to sleep, the vet couldn’t go through with it when Murray started wagging his tail on the table.

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The vet and Christine agreed that Murray still had a lot of life in him and clearly wanted to live. To everyone’s surprise, Murray got better with treatment. However, he still had ongoing problems, including seizures, and his head grew in an odd shape.

Mackenzie Gallant’s family eventually ended up fostering Murray. Despite looking a little different from a normal dog, Mackenzie, as well as the rest of her family, fell in love with him. Murray’s teeth also started to rot, and everything needed to be pulled out. This left Murray with a tongue hanging out on the side all the time.

Despite what Murray went through, he’s still a very loving dog who’s full of life and loves cuddling with his new family. The Gallant family eventually adopted Murray for good. Murray’s now enjoying beautiful life and sharing his happiness with the perfect family. Here’s a video showing what Murray went through and how he ended to become such a happy dog.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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