If you keep a dog, observing its ears for a possible infection is critical. Bacteria flourish in wet environments, and an ear is no exception. Notably, those dogs with floppy ears tend to have more moisture in their ears, hence the infection.

Other categories of dogs that like to swim, such as Irish Setters, are also at risk of ear infections. Furthermore, those dogs with excess hairs within their ears are also at high risk.

What are the causes of ear infections in my dog? The answer is uncomplicated. Since the dog’s ears have some fluids, they may require regular cleaning.

We can answer the above question by saying several elements cause an ear infection. They may include bacteria, fungi, or yeast. What’s more, viruses and food allergies.

Signs and symptoms

Several signs will indicate that your dog is under an ear infection. They may include itchy ears. To some, their ears may discharge some dark and smelly fluids. Also, frequent scratching of ears may be another sign.

You must react quickly as a dog keeper to save your dog from such ailments. You have to take the service of a veterinarian who will clean it thoroughly. You can also do some home care by applying the necessary prescription drops as per the doctor.

cotton swabs, flexible rods, jar of cotton swabs


Is it possible to prevent any future infection? My answer will be a definite yes. It would be best if you made it routine to clean your dog’s ears regularly. You can get better results as you apply vet-approved liquids.
Still, other home remedies can also supplement your preventative actions. You can use coconut oil, which is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. These natural solutions can be helpful when applied in the ears at least thrice per day.


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