“Man’s best friend” is the most common phrase used to describe our furry buddies. And there’s a reason behind that.  They say dogs can predict an incoming danger. They have a powerful instinct to protect and defend their human companions. Our loyal canine friends will do anything to keep their owners safe, even if it will cost them their lives.

Our heroic dog from South Africa risked his life to save his human companion. Duke is Gino Wensel’s German Shepherd. One beautiful day when the two were out for a walk, a stranger with a knife in his hand approached them. They weren’t sure what the man was really up to, but Duke growled and bared his teeth to try to scare the man away. He will never let anyone harm his owner.

Unfortunately, before running away, their attacker managed to stab Duke in the head with his knife. The poor German Shepherd collapsed to the ground. Gino feared he was already dying. In desperation, he rushed his canine friend to the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa, hoping to save his life. AWSSA is an organization that offers veterinary services to the deprived communities of Cape Town. Allan Perrins of  AWSSA described Duke as near death when Gino brought him to the institution.

X-ray results showed the blade being buried three inches deep in the dog’s head but miraculously missing his brain. The veterinarian on duty was fortunately successful in removing the blade and stitching up the wound. All the services provided to Gino and Duke were free of charge. The dog recovered entirely in no time. Gino felt so relieved. He has had Duke since he was a puppy, and the two had established an extraordinary bond.

Gino expresses his gratitude towards the people who helped save Duke. Kindhearted people still outnumber the bad.
Watch how the two reunited in the video below.


Source: Animal Welfare Society of SA via Facebook


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