Breakfast is deaf Pit Bull rescued from a dogfighting ring. He had been adopted several times, but he always ends being returned to the shelter.

The old dog has lived with many foster families for years but has sadly not found his perfect home. Breakfast’s potential family always change their minds when they see his cropped ears because they find it too intimidating.

Breakfast also had behavioral problems because he never received training on how to be a well-behaved dog. Breakfast’s physical, behavioral issues, and deafness are what turns his interested adopters off.

Liz, Mr. Breakfast’s human mom, recalled that the dog made grunting noises when she first laid her eyes on the pup. Liz knew right from the start that she has to know the adorable pooch in front of her.

Liz shared that she has worked with many deaf dogs, and her subconscious told her that Breakfast is her dog. She followed her instincts and took the dog with her.

Liz found out that Breakfast knew some sign languages when she was learning how to communicate with him. She saw Breakfast’s eagerness to learn despite being unsure if he was doing things right.

Liz found a surfing class that involves dogs when she was looking for ways to help Breakfast connect with her. She thought that the activity looked fun, and Breakfast agreed by barking at her.

Liz recalled that Breakfast jumped right on the surfboard as soon as they put it in the water. She shared that Breakfast did not look as flawless as most dogs did, but he was able to stay on the board without falling into the ocean.

Liz happily shared that Breakfast was having a great time because he always wags his tail every time he is on the surfboard. Breakfast’s confidence grew each time they surfed together, and surfing helped them get closer to one another.

Source: Pittie Nation via Facebook


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