Firefighters’ job is to put out fires and rescue people from the fire. In real life, their job is much more demanding. In this story, we will find out how the firefighters got the puppy out of, no less, the car wheel.

It is not good to always be curious – those would be the words of a puppy stuck in the wheel of a car. The 3-month-old puppy of an Australian cattle dog put his head in a car wheel, and it couldn’t take it out.
This incident happened in Coachella, California, and caused a big stir. Witnesses called for the help of an animal welfare service and fire department to help and rescue the puppy.

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They tried their best to help him, but the curious puppy did not allow them because it kept moving. They even covered him with mineral oil to make it easier to pull out the neck.

But it didn’t help; the puppy’s neck started swelling, and he was in pain. After all attempts to rescue the helpless puppy, they came up with something new.

After they calmed down and sedated the dog, they used an electrical device to pull the puppy out. Firefighters cut off part of the wheel and saved the puppy. Still, an upset and scared puppy was not just that – it was hungry, too.

After excellent work by firefighters, animal service took care of her, fed her, and provided her shelter over the night. After all, these brave men return the puppy to his home.

This story ended well thanks to the beautiful people who called for help and even more wonderful ones who responded and rescued the dog. Let’s hope the puppy has learned his lesson and that something like this will never happen again.

The story’s lesson: We should not be constantly curious. After all, you see what happens.

Source Inside Edition via Youtube


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