Picture this: you recently acquired a puppy or an adult dog and desire to stay with it for life. Do you know that it will initially feel lonely due to the new environment? Therefore, it is better to be friendly as it gradually gets used to the new surroundings.
For starters, you must understand how to manage the separation anxiety in your dogs. You can know whether your dog suffers from separation anxiety when it frequently barks in your absence.
Still, some signs of separation anxiety are evident when the same dog causes injuries to itself as it tries to leave its kernel. You can reduce the problem by administering it with some anti-anxiety medications. Suppose the challenge prolongs; invite the veterinarian.

Canine Aggression

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Another challenge that shows in dogs is canine aggression. Such behavior may cause harm to people if not properly checked. It will be best if you seek the services of a vet to reduce the chances of any physical triggers.
Furthermore, you can decide to stay safe by choosing the prevention method. What does that imply? The answer is simple. Firstly, avoid keeping an aggressive breed. Also, you can prevent play biting unless you have vast experience in dog keeping.

Enthusiastic Greeting

Some dogs perform an enthusiastic greeting by jumping on people. You can discourage such behaviors by avoiding waving your hand and talking enthusiastically. An immediate remedy may be to command the same dog to sit as you reward the same reaction.
The best appreciation is by stroking its sides. Alternatively, you can praise your dog as it sits. The whole concept is to induce some sense in it that it finds better attention and appreciation by sitting.
After all, it would help if you put your dog under control.


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