It’s incredible to watch our canine pals striking friendships with different animals. Dogs even love introducing their new best friends to their fur parents.

Thus, one eager Golden Retriever brings home a lizard and introduces it to its fur mom. However, it seems Mom’s more horrified than happy as the dog carries its new friend in a bizarre manner.

Hey, Mom. Meet my new friend over here.

In this heartwarming yet funny footage, an adorable Golden Retriever puppy sits outside their door. At first, you’ll merely think the dog’s waiting for its fur mom to open the door for her.

However, as soon as Mom unlocks the door, the Goldie makes eye contact with her as she presents her newest pal. Seeing that the dog’s bringing something in her mouth, Mom asks what she’s got.

Most dogs by now would’ve yapped in response, but since the canine carries something in her mouth, she merely brings her new pal closer to Mom. Imagine Mom’s surprise when she sees that her beloved Goldie’s holding a lizard inside her mouth.

Put the lizard down!

Though the dog didn’t harm the lizard, Mom can’t help but feel concerned for the reptile. Thus, Mom gently coaxes the canine to put her new pal on the floor.

However, the Goldie’s not too ecstatic with Mom’s reaction as she stubbornly refuses to drop the lizard on the floor. With this, Mom decides to reiterate her point as she tells the pup that lizards aren’t allowed inside the house.

But, the adamant dog refuses to accede as she continues to cling onto her lizard friend. The Goldie even avoids eye contact every time Mom tells her to leave the lizard outside.

Do you think the funny pooch eventually followed Mom’s command? Find out what this funny Goldie did next by watching the full video in the link below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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