Being in isolation is particularly difficult for a lot of people, especially if you live alone. For Shirley Moore, an 85-year-old lady living in Bribie Island, Australia, isolation was made easier because she had her beloved pooch, Lily, with her.

The 16-year-old Mini Fox Terrier was always by her side and was even happy that her mom never left her alone. They spent the whole day together, enjoying many peaceful and quiet times.

Sadly, the senior pup passed away amid the pandemic. This left Shirley alone and sad. There was no one to comfort her.

Looking for a new furry friend

Shirley decided that she would get a new dog so that she wouldn’t be lonely. She tried getting in touch with several shelters and dog rescue groups, but unfortunately, there were not many pups available. The pandemic made dog adoption popular, and it became difficult to find one. Especially a dog that would perfectly suit the elderly lady’s lifestyle.

The lonely woman reached out to the community for help by calling ABC Radio Brisbane Drive. On air, she told listeners about her dilemma and pleaded for help finding her the perfect furry companion.

The community answers

Two members of the Australian National K9 Rescue heard Shirley’s plea and they made it their mission to help her. Helen and Leanne started searching right away. That is when they got across Tia Maria, a four-year-old Tenterfield Terrier.

The shelter dog needed a home, and her character was suitable for Shirley. The small pooch was very laid back and gentle and was labeled as a homebody. She didn’t need to be walked much and preferred to just stay still and relax. She wouldn’t be difficult for the senior woman to handle and care for.

They soon arranged for the dog to meet Shirley, and thankfully, they were fond of each other. They quickly prepared the papers and Tia moved in right away. Shirley won’t be lonely anymore.

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