Imagine that your pet got stolen, and you worry if you will ever find them again – the feeling is just plain torture. One dog owner from Florida went through hell when a different person claimed her dog after getting lost. Six years later, she received a call saying they found her stolen dog!
Sgt. Pepper, a Yorkie Mix, was only six years old when he was reported missing by his owner in 2014. A few days later, an updated Craiglist post said somebody found Sgt. Pepper. However, the pup was claimed by a different person. Sgt. Pepper’s owner reported the incident to the police and had his microchip status updated to “stolen.”

For years, Sgt. Pepper’s owner continued her search for her beloved dog. She updated the information on his microchip, hoping to find him again. She gave it to the microchip company whenever she changed her phone number or home address. According to her, the simple act is part of her continuous search for Sgt. Pepper.
The effort from Sgt. Pepper’s owner was not put to waste when an animal control group in Charlotte, Michigan, found the lost dog. The Eaton County Animal Control workers received a report of a stray dog that frequented the southern part of town. They picked up the said Yorkie mix and scanned him for a microchip.

Surprisingly, they found out that a resident of Tampa City, Florida, owned the pup. They immediately made the call and found out that the dog named Sgt. Pepper was stolen seven years ago. With no second thoughts, Sgt. Pepper’s owner flew to Michigan and finally reunited with her now thirteen-year-old pet!
The reunion was a tearful one for Sgt. Pepper seemed to remember his owner even after years of separation. Sgt. Pepper’s owner is thankful that she found him after all these years. The Eaton County Animal Control hopes Sgt. Pepper’s tale educates dog owners across the country about the importance of getting their dogs microchipped.

credits: Insider.comĀ 


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