Have you ever thought about how dogs feel because they couldn’t speak? It must be frustrating not to be able to tell everyone what we mean.

Take this dog who saw a curious animal in the water. He was probably just enjoying the sun, sea, and air when he saw this massive thing come floating by.

It didn’t appear like it was in a rush, and it didn’t adversely react to his presence. It almost looked like they were both curious about each other, so they decided to observe each other.

The manatee took its sweet time, floating from under the planks, and blowing water from its nose. The dog also took the time to admire the strange creature that floated in the seawater.

Sea cow encounter

It’s in these situations that we wish animals could speak. This way, they could tell us what they need, what they observed, and they could share their knowledge of the world with us.

Unfortunately, it’s not the reality, so we’re forced to just observe and look at them as they are. Perhaps it’s for the best because we’re challenged to live in the moment as they do.

Land dog experience

The dog walked towards the far end of the planks, sniffing the water. He probably wanted to check what would happen if he dove in to say hi. Perhaps the manatee wanted to be friends too.

While these are just possibilities, it enchants our minds and imagination. What we know for sure is, this dog’s fortunate to live in privilege. Not everyone has access to that place, so wow, doggo!

We’re glad you had fun and you saw magical beings you couldn’t even begin to explain. That’s the beauty of life, and we’re glad you’ve got that live-in-the-moment attitude!

Here’s to more magical moments in the future, pet!

Credits to ViralSnare Rights Management via YouTube


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