What is it with adorable, short, and stubby pups that make us go gaga over them? They make us want to care, love, and praise them to no end.

It’s exactly the kind of magic this French Bulldog evoked, and his mom couldn’t be prouder. He also had another weapon hidden in his arsenal that made him even more of a hit!

If his impeccable appearance and sassy attitude didn’t convince you that he is, then his confident stair-strut will. This Frenchie’s name is Tony, and he’s no doubt a pampered pet.

Tony’s a bit scared of the stairs and for a dog his height, it’s not surprising at all. We would feel the same if we were in his shoes because when you’re small, everything appears bigger.

Mom had to encourage her pet to go ahead and go down the stairs. She was supportive and loving, and she let her pup know that she’s there for him.

Tony still hesitated, but after a bit more prompting from his mom, he decided to give it a go. Tony slowly put his left leg down and then walked carefully down the stairs.

The result was an exaggerated sexy walk that highlighted this pet’s curvy form. If there were supermodels in the French Bulldog society, then Tony should be one.

Tony definitely knew how to work it, and he did it without even being aware of it. He was too busy watching his step, afraid that he might fall down the stairs.

Talk about achieving something way more than what you set eyes on. It all happened because this Frenchie decided to take action even if he was a bit scared.

Excellent work, Tony! Now that you know you can handle the stairs like the pro you are, that should give you the confidence to tackle them in the future. Cheers!

Credits to Tony and Wolfie Julian via YouTube


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