There are definitely so many dogs out there that are deprived of love. Many of these dogs have spent most of their lives living as strays while others were abused, neglected, or dumped in shelters by their previous owners. Dogs deserve to be happy and they definitely deserve a loving family that would shower them with lots of affection.

A dog named Violet was rescued from a horrible situation. Violet was skinny, weak, and scared of everything. When people saw Violet during her worst, nobody would have believed that she would survive. Violet looked horrible that no one would even want to adopt her. Thankfully, Violet was pulled from the shelter and was taken to her foster home.

Violet was pulled from the shelter by a woman named Aleksandra Schiffer from an animal rescue organization called I Stand With My Pack. Aleksandra got Violet checked by the vet and she promised Violet that everything was finally going to get better. Eventually, Aleksandra was able to find an amazing foster home for Violet.

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Violet was fostered by a woman named Whitney Cummings. At first, Violet was so scared of her new environment and didn’t want anything to do with her foster family. Violet was cautious and was a little unresponsive when Whitney tried interacting with her. Whitney was very patient and let Violet adjust to her new environment.

Eventually, Violet soon realized that she’s in a safe place and that the people caring for her will never hurt her. Violet started coming out of her shell and show her loving and sweet personality. Violet also started gaining weight and she also started to learn that people can be trusted.

Whitney did such an amazing job with Violet that people soon started to fall in love with her. Violet is amazing with other dogs and she also loves meeting new people and making new friends. Violet was eventually adopted by an amazing forever family. Here’s a heartwarming video showing Violet’s amazing transformation.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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