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Annette McDonald and her dog Norman went to have fun at Necanicum River. The moment they arrived, Annette noticed that the dog was acting a bit odd. That’s because Norman suddenly ran towards the water.
She followed Norman’s location, and what she saw was a life-changing event. Norman was trying to save a 15-year-old girl named Lisa Nibley, struggling to get herself back on the shore. She was drowning when Norman rescued her!
Annette was shocked but managed to collect herself and realized that the girl was no longer yelling for help. However, she noticed that Lisa’s voice was Norman’s way to locate her. Therefore, Annette shouted that Lisa must keep yelling Norman’s name for her to be located immediately.
The girl did what she was told. When she felt Norman, she quickly grabbed his collar to support herself from the current, trying to bring her downstream. And for the two to return to the shore, Annette shouted Norman’s name as many times as possible.

The thing that makes this story extraordinary is the fact that Norman is a blind dog. Yes, you read it right. Norman was diagnosed with a genetic condition that resulted in him going blind months after Annette and his husband Steve adopted Norman.
Before the adoption, one-year-old Norman was abandoned by his previous owner. He was brought to the kennel and was about to be euthanized. Luckily, the couple decided to look after him since they felt something special with Norman. Annette described their first meeting as if Norman knew them.
This story became famous. It led many producers to air this on shows such as Unsolved Mysteries and a Miracle.

Thanks so much to Questar Entertainment for telling Norman’s story via Youtube


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