Finding the spot that gives you peace is just as important as finding peace itself. The place may be the most unlikely spot, but that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

That’s precisely what this Rottweiler found when he discovered that his former bathing area is now the best hang-out spot. Uhm, that’s probably because you got bigger and reached just the perfect size for it.

The Rottie didn’t think he would find that spot right in his home. He couldn’t believe it’s the sink for him, but what could he do about it? Things do have a funny way of playing things out.

The Rottie went to his spot, and when mom switched the faucet on, warm water began flowing out of it. That’s like the best feeling in the world, and this pup made the most out of it.

Boss move

He didn’t understand why mom was on her phone when this was the kind of feeling she was missing out on. Uhm, that’s because she’s filming you so we could see you chill like a boss, pup.

If this Rottie could talk, he’d probably tell his mom that her break’s over. He possibly would have added a thing or two about being a responsible parent to him.

Forever love

Well, you’ve got your crib with an unlimited water supply, so there’s nothing more you could ask for, pup. By favoring it as your new favorite hangout spot, you’ve told your mom what she needed to know.

We also know that mom gave her little boss a good bath that day. That’s after she enjoyed taking a clip of him on cam, and a gazillion photos too.

Big baby

Enjoy it now, pup. When you grow to your actual size, that hang-out spot will simply not do it for you anymore. Here’s to more of the good stuff!

Photo and video credits to Rottweiler Life via YouTube


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