Marshmallow was living on the streets when animal control rescued her. The rescuers eventually found the dog’s owners but unfortunately, they didn’t want Marshmallow anymore. Thankfully, Marshmallow ended up with a kind foster mom that helped her find her forever home.

Meeting Marshmallow

Jordann was a woman that enjoyed fostering rescued dogs. Once she found out about Marshmallow, she immediately volunteered to take care of her.

Marshmallow was very skinny to the point you could see the lining in her bones. She was also timid and scared of Jordann at first.

Jordan knew she needed to be patient since Marshmallow had been through a lot. Seeing Marshmallow’s condition only made Jordann even more determined to help her.

Jordann owned four other dogs who loved meeting new fosters. She hoped that her dogs would make an impact and help Marshmallow grow confidence.

Marshmallow enjoyed hanging out with the other dogs but got anxious whenever they were too rowdy or loud. She also did not like being alone so she followed her foster mom throughout the day.

Journey to forever home

One day, Jordann invited her friends to bring their dogs over to her house. Marshmallow loved playing with the dogs and began to come out of her shell.

Marshmallow blossomed into a more playful yet gentle dog. Although she was comfortable with playing with other dogs, Marshmallow still preferred hanging out with humans.

It didn’t take long before a nice family applied to adopt Marshmallow. Jordann felt sad to let Marshmallow go but was happy knowing that the dog would finally have the life she deserved.

Marshmallow seamlessly transitioned into her new house and family. Her new house had a big yard for her to play in and her new mom spoiled her with new toys and treats.

Watch the heartwarming story here:

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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