Firefighters from the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue in Florida just arrived at their station after they responded to an emergency situation. When the garage doors were rolling down, an unexpected visitor suddenly rushed in.

A friendly Dalmatian apparently decided to become a firehouse dog and check out the facilities.


The tired firefighters were pleasantly surprised. They could tell that the dog was very friendly. He kept on wagging his tail and would even come up to each one of them. Their spirits were quickly lifted.

Although they didn’t normally allow dogs inside their station, they made an exception this time. The dog wasn’t wearing any collar, but they could tell that he was someone’s pet. The Dalmatian was well-mannered and that meant he had humans that loved him and showed him how to behave.

Some of the firefighters went out to see if the dog’s owner was around. Finding no one, they decided to let him stay for a while.

A day at the station

The firefighters bathed the dog and let him roam around the station. He investigated every room and made friends with everyone. Some of them even spent some time playing fetch with the dog. When it came to mealtime, the pooch ate to his heart’s delight.

The firefighters knew that someone was missing the dog so they posted earlier on about the mysterious pooch that dropped by the firehouse.

Before the day ended, the owners messaged them, and they were able to confirm that the dog was theirs indeed. As it turned out, the dog, named Chico, lived a mile away from the station and went missing the day before.

The firefighters were sad to see Chico go home, but they were nevertheless happy that he has been found. They said that the dog is always welcome to visit them.

Source: Hillsborough County Fire Rescue, Florida via Facebook


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