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In March 2017, James Carpenter was out in the Wisconsin field with his two dogs for their daily stroll. The man was having a good time with his two dogs as he allowed the dogs to explore the surroundings. A few moments later, Carpenter heard a gunshot nearby.

He got alarmed at what he heard, so Carpenter called the two dogs back. Sadly, though, only one of his dogs returned. Antone, Carpenter’s blue heeler mix, was found dead in the field as he incurred a gunshot.

Based on a report, the pooch got shot by what appeared to be a rifle. The shot on the head was fatal, enough to leave Antone dead on the spot. When he learned about what happened to his pooch, Carpenter got heartbroken.

Carpenter’s neighbors comforted him from the terrible loss and promised to help him get justice for Antone. With this kind of motivation, Carpenter feels relieved that there are people who care about his dog. But one of his neighbors named Sheriff Matz went beyond in helping him.

The sheriff looked for a new canine companion for Carpenter. Although Sheriff Matz understands that no one could replace Antone, he believes a new dog would make Carpenter happy. This is why Sheriff Matz worked so hard to bring Carpenter a new pooch to help him in his daily life.

Sheriff Matz found the best fit pooch for Carpenter, and he named her Lovebug. When Sheriff Matz introduced Lovebug to Carpenter for the first time, Carpenter could not believe it. Carpenter said that he was not asking for a new dog, but he might need Lovebug in the long run.

For one, Carpenter is still reeling from his previous loss. Although it is difficult, Carpenter said he is trying hard to move forward from the tragedy and welcomes Lovebug as his new pet.

Credits to Funky Smile.


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