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This dog named William could still not accept what happened to him. A day after he made his way to a Los Angeles shelter, the pooch glares sharply and growls whenever a person tries to get closer to him. But the volunteers of the animal shelter understand what the dog feels.

According to the volunteers, William was found guarding his owner when the latter passed away. The owner died inside their house, and no one noticed until the place became stinky. William never left his owner’s side like a loyal pooch and waited for his owner to wake up.

However, that will no longer happen because the owner is dead. When his owner’s dead body got recovered, William ended up at an animal shelter. Although some volunteers there understood the dog’s case, other volunteers do not.

Some volunteers could not get near the pooch and feed him because William would be on attack mode. Due to this behavior, some of the volunteers placed the pooch on the euthanasia list. For them, the dog is going to be a thorn for the shelter.

Fortunately, Cherie Durand, the founder of Anchors Up Rescue Group, came to the scene. Upon knowing that the volunteers placed William to death row, Cherie acted immediately. Cherie told the volunteers that she would take the dog’s custody because she knows how to help William.

True to her words, Cherie showed patience and understanding to the pooch. It was a challenging task for Cherie, but she was up for it. For Cherie, the dog showed signs of aggression because the volunteers do not know how to calm the dog.

What Cherie did was to lure the dog with the things he loves, including food. In no time, the dog showed his soft side. Cherie then was pleased that she made the right choice to save the pooch from death row.

Credits to Funky Smile.


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