Hiking gives people a different kind of pleasure and accomplishment. After a few hours of feet-numbing trekking, you will be rewarded with a scenic view that will take your breath away. And while you marvel at the beauty of Mother Nature, you can’t help but ponder your existence. And that’s okay!

It appears, though, that it is not only humans who experience this. As it turns out, dogs can also become speechless when they see a stunning scenery. A viral TikTok video shows you just that.

The view right at the top of the mountain

In a video shared on TikTok by a woman named Mallory Bartow, you could see a brown and fluffy pup standing on a rock while looking at the stunning view silently. The sun was up, the river down the mountain was visible, and the wind was blowing the dog’s fur.

An overlaying text told a short story. It said that Mallory’s dog had a moment at their hike, and she was wondering what her dog was thinking. Indeed, the dog looked speechless as he was absorbing the beauty of nature around him.

The caption, on the other hand, said that the dog stayed quiet and contemplative for two minutes.

People share their positive sentiments

Currently, the dog’s video has more than 800K views, about 250K likes, over 4K shares, and 1,851 comments.

One commented that he just felt a sudden rush of emotion after watching the video. Another TikTok user thanked Mallory for giving the dog such an adventurous life. A third netizen said that the dog had surely been at the top of the same mountain in his past life.

Some people shared their funny comments. One wrote that the dog might be thinking that he still hadn’t found the perfect stick even if he had hiked the whole mountain. Mallory replied to this particular comment by saying that the dog started chewing on a branch right after his contemplative moment.


He just got up there and stayed like this for two minutes #hikingtiktok #hikingwithdogs

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Video Source: @Mal_Lo_Ry via TikTok


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