Dogs are simple but complex creatures. And if you own a German Shorthaired Pointer, then this statement would resonate with you.

This dog’s name is Walle, and he’s quite an energetic dog. He’s the most patient pet, but he could also be the most impatient dog at times.

Especially when his excitement takes over, this canine couldn’t wait to run off. Fortunately, he has understanding and loving parents.

Walle is trained to be patient and disciplined, but on days when his excitement takes over, he whines when he couldn’t get his way.

Thrilled dog

On this day, this family went out on a hike when they saw a stream. Since it was a shallow one, they thought it would be a good idea to play fetch with Walle.

The Pointer was game, but he didn’t want to go through all the sitting and waiting. Dogs were made for action, and the energetic pet couldn’t wait to get to the fun part.

Dad, however, was keen on teaching Walle the importance of patience and discipline. He repeatedly called his excited pet to sit and wait, and that reduced Walle to whining.

As humans do, Dad also took the opportunity to tease his spotted dog a bit. He pretended to throw the stick, so naturally, the dog ran after it.

The frustrated pet now couldn’t stop his whining, and mom had to tell her husband to just throw the stick.

This time, the stick went flying, and of Walle went. He splashed into the stream, but he struggled a bit when he got to a deep part. This didn’t stop him one bit.

Walle isn’t that skilled in swimming, but the Pointer was still able to retrieve the stick and bring it back.

We’re glad that you stayed disciplined, doggo. There’ll be more like this in the future, so try to be more patient the next time, okay?

Credits to Zazu Talks via YouTube


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