Wouldn’t it be fun to see how our dogs react towards some random and unexpected thing? We know that dogs have different personalities so they also have different reactions when seeing something new. This is probably why some dog parents love setting up pranks for their furry pups.

The owner of an adorable Beagle in this video loves pranking his pooch with random things. This is probably why Maymo, the Beagle, has around ten million followers on Youtube. Amazing, isn’t it?

Some days, you’ll see Maymo chasing a remote-controlled rat while on other days, he’ll be biting off a human-sized alien balloon. And the video below is one good example of how random and hilarious his owner can be.

The video starts with Maymo, chilling on the sofa while minding his own business. He must be so attentive to the tv show he is watching. Then suddenly, two hands from the empty room behind pop up while holding a brown box.

The person with the brown box slowly tilts it and out comes hundreds of small yellow rubber duckies. He pours them all on Maymo’s mini bed. You can definitely hear the squeaky sounds of the toys! Of course, Maymo gets up from his relaxation and is curious as to why there are a hundred rubber duckies near his seat.

Maymo sniffs and tries to play with the rubber duckies. But little did he know that he is in for a bigger and better surprise!

Suddenly, a giant, inflatable rubber ducky appears from the empty room. It has a huge yellow body with a bright orange beak. It definitely catches Maymo’s attention. So the pooch hurriedly springs to the couch to get a good glimpse of the giant toy.

Notice that Maymo’s tail is wagging furiously. He must really love his new toy that he can’t contain his happiness! He tries to play with the gigantic duck, but unfortunately, he becomes a little too rough. When he accidentally bites the duck’s beak, it deflates and shrinks.

Curious as to how Maymo reacts when the gigantic duck deflates? Watch the pooch’s funny video below and don’t forget to share.

Source: Maymo via Youtube


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