A couple named Chris and Mariesa Hughes has a soft spot in their hearts for dogs. Their passion even pushed them to create a non-profit dog rescue organization called The Mr. Mo Project, which aims to give each senior rescue dog living in animal shelters a forever home.

Ever since Chris and Mariesa started their non-profit, they have rescued more than 500 dogs. The couple themselves have adopted 21 senior rescue dogs and let them happily roam in their New York home.

Every time they pull a senior dog from a shelter, they immediately look for the best forever home that will give them love and care for the remainder of their lives. Through their non-profit organization, Chris and Mariesa can fund the veterinary bills for the dogs for the rest of their lives.

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Chris and Mariesa even took it to the next level by renovating their New York home so it could be a comfortable place for their dogs to live in. They have spent over $50,000 on the renovation project and it turned out to be beautiful. The dogs aren’t only happy but they’re also comfortable and well-cared for by their new family.

Chris and Mariesa are also actively encouraging people to adopt senior dogs. Through their social media accounts, they show how much more love these dogs can give and how amazing they are as companions. They also make people aware that senior dogs have very specific needs.

The couple makes sure that every dog that they rescue goes to a loving family that knows how to take care of senior dogs. Thanks to Chris and Mariesa, many dogs that are no longer wanted by their owners because of being old are given a second chance to find a family who will love them unconditionally. Here’s a video featuring Chris and Mariesa’s work and how they make a difference in the lives of senior rescue dogs.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube


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