Dogs are naturally curious animals especially when they’re still puppies. Whenever something catches their attention, they will always investigate and see what it is. However, this curiosity is exactly what can get them into a little trouble.

In San Bernardino, California, two tiny puppies named Peo and Finn chanced upon a small opening on the ground, which caught their attention. The puppies didn’t know that the opening was a tortoise den and decided to go inside and investigate.

Unfortunately for the puppies, the tortoise made its way back into the den and ended up blocking the entrance and trapping the puppies inside. The tortoise, who was named Oscar, was over 100 pounds and refused to budge.

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Thankfully, residents became aware of the trapped puppies when they made noises and called for help to get them out. The local fire department responded and first tried to coax the huge tortoise out of the hole with watermelon pieces. Unfortunately, the tortoise didn’t want to get out even for the tasty watermelon treats.

Eventually, the firefighters had no choice but the dig another tunnel to reach the puppies. They spent more than an hour digging the tunnel while the puppies’ owner, Kathleen, watched and cheered them on.

The firefighters successfully reached the puppies with the hole they dug, to Kathleen’s delight. After pulling the puppies out of the hole, they were reunited with their worried mom.

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The puppies were unharmed during the time that they spent inside the hole The San Bernardino County Fire stated that it was a very unusual call but they were glad that they’ve been part of the rescue.

The puppies were also quite happy to be reunited with Kathleen. Although they were a little shaken by the entire experience, they were unharmed. Here’s a video featuring the unique rescue. Hopefully, the puppies will think twice about exploring a tortoise den in the future.

Source: Good Morning America via YouTube


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