On December 14, 2019, Emilie Tallermo tied her five-year-old dog at a bench outside The Good Life Grocery Store, Bernal Heights, San Francisco, and went shopping. She was shell-shocked when upon her return, her doggie was no longer where she left her. A clear CCTV footage showed a man taking away Emilie’s blue-eyed black, gray, and white miniature Australian shepherd pooch named Jackson.

The distraught woman exhausted all efforts to have her doggie back. She worked with the police and distributed fliers with Jackson’s photo all over the city.

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Her friends also helped her post the details about her lost dog and her contact information on social media. Then, she set up www.bringjacksonhome.com, which announced a $7,000 reward, “no questions asked” for whoever would be able to return her doggie.

Four months passed by without a trace of her furry best friend until residents at the Los Angeles County spotted the dog. The information they tipped off the investigators led to the identity of the person who stole Tallermo’s dog.

Nicholas Bravo, a 27-year-old resident of Palmdale, got arrested on April 17 for felony grand theft. Many states here in the US consider theft as grand when some types of animals get stolen without any form of violence involved. It applies to whatever the animal’s actual market value is.

On the third Monday of April, the staff of the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control called Emilie to inform her about the good news. A dog’s microchip matched Tallermo’s number, and her long-lost friend was ready for pick-up at any time.

The flabbergasted dog-owner could not drive to the place. The detective who took charge of her case drove Jackson to their home.

They were full of giggles and warm hugs. What a sweet ending to two inseparable souls!

Source: ABC 7 News Bay Area via YouTube


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