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A missing dog will surely bring a stop to a dog owner’s heart. What if you were missing two? Just imagining it would surely bring anxiety and a great deal of stress. This is what Liz and Graham Hampson felt when their two miniature Schnauzers, Charlie and Theo, ran off into the fog while they were on their walk.

After their dogs went missing, the Hampsons began their search, enlisting their friend and family’s help, and even assistance from mountain rescue teams. A total of more than 120 people searched for the dogs on the Red Pike in Cambria. The rescue party had almost given up after searching for 96 hours. So, the couple resorted to camp out overnight and cooked up some sausages in hopes for the pair to show up.

With shock and thrill, Charlie and Theo turned up moments after detecting the aroma of the sausages. Liz Hampson said that when she first saw the two dogs, she couldn’t believe it. Her husband immediately ran to grab them, and she stood, crying tears of joy. With many attempts at finding them, what eventually brought the Schnauzers back was their love of sausages.

Mrs. Hampson knows that her children love sausages; they always eat sausages every Sunday morning for breakfast. She also stated that their decision to camp out and barbecue was all thanks to a friend’s suggestion and joked that the heartwarming reunion was similar to the end of a film.

Charlie and Theo are father and son. Now that the pair is back in the most dramatic but welcome fashion, the Hampsons kid about the event as a father’s day weekend. The family also showed great gratitude for the many people who took their time to aid them in locating their two furry boys. Their story goes to show that if a dog goes missing, the best way to get them back is through their stomachs, or in this case, their adorable wet noses.

Photos Courtesy of Liz Hampson’s Twitter Page.


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