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As responsible parents to our dogs, we need to make sure our lovable pets are getting enough exercise to maintain their physical health. One way to this is by going out for a walk. It might be just a simple way to give your dog the workout they need and, at the same time, give yourself time to breathe the fresh air and calm your mind. However, this is not the case for Tammy Salusky and the adorable Peanut.

Peanut and Tammy were out for their routine walk and everything was going perfectly well. The sun was high in the sky, and the air was breezy. But while on their trail, Peanut came across a huge muddy puddle. The pond of dirt was too tempting for him not to dive in and play.

Unfortunately for Tammy, it was a natural offer he can’t refuse. While in the puddle, Peanut’s hearing had suddenly disappeared, leaving his owner taken aback by his actions. No matter how much Tammy pleaded, Peanut just would not listen.

OMG… your responses have been OVERWHELMING!!!! WE LOVE ALL OF YOU!! I'm gonna have 2 hire someone 2 handle his social media!! I made his own Facebook….Peanuts-N-PuddlesThank you all!!!!See his YouTube channel!!!❤Stay safe!!❤❤So…..this is my little terror!!! I sent this 2 AFV….prayfully we will win the big bucks and afford Caesars assistance with our listening skills!!!!❤❤❤❤ love my boy!!!!

Posted by Tammy Salusky on Sunday, February 23, 2020

He simply took his time and enjoyed every second he had in the puddle. Tammy had no choice but to stand and watch as her baby colored every inch of himself brown with muck. When the deed was finally done, that was the only time Peanut’s hearing miraculously came back.

The calm and peaceful walk turned into a messy disaster. Luckily for Peanut, he has a loving mother who only laughed and took a video of her child enjoying his time under the sun. If you wish to take your fur babies for a walk, always bring a towel, and it’s best not to bathe them first, or else you will be in the same pickle that Peanut has put Tammy through.

Photos and Video Courtesy of Tammy Salusky’s Facebook Page.


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