Poodles are often thought of as spoiled, pampered dogs. But this smart poodle proves that her breed can be just as sweet and well-behaved as any other dog breed out there.

In this video, this Poodle is seen sitting patiently next to her talking buttons. Mom was working, but the dog wanted to let mom know about her requests.

So, the dog did what any other well-behaved dog would do – she sat there and pressed the button that said play. Mom naturally said that she couldn’t because she was working.

But the dog wasn’t giving up that easily. She then pressed the button that said food and mom again explained that she was working. The dog wasn’t going to take no for an answer and pressed a couple of buttons again.

Smart dog

The controls she pressed held the words food and all-gone, and mom laughingly agreed. Then mom asked her what she wanted next, and the Poodle gave her an adorable reply.

The puppy pressed the button that said bed, and then the dog quickly scrambled up to her mom. We guess this one needs to be tucked in and given body rubs.

Such a spoiled puppy, and with that fluffy form and sweet personality, we think mom finds it hard to say no to her. Dog owners need to be firm with certain stuff, though, so kudos to mom for standing her ground.

Yeah, this dog will surely get what she wants. This puppy is a little too smart if you ask me, but she got what she wanted. Perhaps not all of them, but she got some of what she wanted, that’s for sure.

It’s a pretty cute video, and it’s something that we will always find amusing. Thank you for the dose of good vibes today, doggo. We appreciate it!

Credits to The Poodle Mom via YouTube


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