If you’ve ever owned a canine, you know it’s easy to want to treat your pet, and that can often mean buying treats and feeding your pet too many of them. Most treats and human food is not good for our dogs, and they can lead to obesity in our pets.

In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, a woman named Pam Heggie was asked to foster a dog who was grossly overweight. A Golden Retriever named Kai was just a pup but was already one hundred pounds overweight. Pam described him as being “overwhelmingly large” and weighed in at about one hundred and seventy pounds.

Kai’s original owners had brought the sweet puppy into a vet to have him euthanized if you can believe. They told the vet Kai could barely get up and walk. Instead, the vet called Pam, who is a nurse, and asked her to help. When she first got the Golden Retriever, she said he couldn’t do a thing. She felt intensely sad for the poor puppy.

With guidance from the vet, Pam put Kai on a strict diet and started walking the dog three times a day. At first, it was hard, but the Golden Retriever was obedient and determined. Pam said Kai could only walk about ten steps before he’d have to lay down. So she decided to take him swimming for easier mobility. Kai started to improve through the water exercise.

A year later, the Golden Retriever had lost one hundred pounds. Pam said Kai has taught her a lot about positivity, spirit, and setting goals. The dog amazed her with how determined he was. She said he’s the biggest fighter she’s ever met.

Pam fell in love with the Kai, so she decided to adopt the Golden Retriever. Now part of a loving family, Kai is getting the proper care he needs to live a healthy life. Here’s a video on Kai’s journey:

Credits: This is Kai Facebook and The Dodo YouTube


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