Everybody who owns a dog knows how stubborn dogs can get. No matter how many times you forbid them to do something, they’ll ultimately find a way to do it in the end.

As such, a particular Great Dane named Max does his best to persuade his fur mom to let him do the one thing he loves the most.

What do you think you’re doing, Max?

In this viral video, one can see Max the Great Dane standing by the side of their swimming pool, ready to dive. However, even before he could take one paw into the cold water, fur mom stops the pooch right off the bat.

Hearing what Mom had to say, Max started grumbling and whining, trying to reason out with Mom. But, Mom’s adamant with her decision because of one thing he’s wearing – a jacket.

But Max isn’t backing down from the fight. The pooch continues to whine and grumble, not understanding the logic behind mom’s reasoning.

Please, Mom! Can’t I go?

Max continued complaining to Mom for a few cycles. Every time Mom says, “No,” Max quickly belts out an annoyed howl.

It seems no matter how hard Mom tries to explain to Max; the pooch couldn’t understand. Max even tests his limits, longingly looking at the pool of cold water, almost putting his paw in it.

However, with Mom’s constant berating on his behavior, Max finally got the message. Though he still longingly looks at the water, the pooch didn’t proceed with his plans.

Mom, please?

By the looks of it, Mom’s finally put the situation under control. Max stayed quiet for a good few seconds, making occasional side glances at Mom. But, before Mom could walk and away celebrate her achievement, the pooch starts barking and grumbling again.

Max continues with his complaining in an attempt to convince Mom. Mom could only sigh in frustration as she makes the funniest comment with the pooch’s behavior.

What do you think did Mom say about Max? Check it out by clicking the play button below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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