This dog’s story’s the stuff of all dreams! From homelessness to finding a snowy forever home a thousand miles away, you’ll start believing in fairy tales again.

Gentle giant

Meet Everest. He’s a rescue who didn’t use his size to his advantage and behaved like the gentle dog he is. He loved that cheeseburger, though! Loretta, wherever you’re getting those, keep them coming!

The lucky leash looks effective too, and we couldn’t thank Hope for Paws enough for it!

There’s supposed to be two dogs, but the other one disappeared, and the team couldn’t find Everest’s companion.

Good boy, Everest! You’re in for the best surprise of your life, you’ll see!

A fantastic warm bath followed, and boy did Everest enjoy it! He practically drooled with pleasure! We get you, doggo, those warm baths are to die for.

Only days later, after getting rescued, an adoption application came in the mailbox, and Everest prepared for the long trip to his forever home.

See, Everest? You’re off to a place where your name makes sense, and you’re flying in style too! We bet you didn’t mind the travel hours, huh?

Everest felt immediately at home with his new family. He’s got two other siblings now, and they get along well. Another great news for us, Everest starts training as a service dog for children’s hospitals!

Whoah! That’s a steady stream of good news, doggo! We just know you’ll make the perfect dog who’ll bring smiles and unlimited joy to the kiddos!

You’ve got the gentlest spirit, and you’re going to be a hit! Just stick to your brother Clyde, and you’ll learn the ropes in no time.

You’ll have the best time playing in the snow, doggo! You’re named Everest, so we anticipated you’d find snowballs delicious.

Keep those children happy, that’s a good boy!

Photo and video credit to Hope for Paws via YouTube


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