Admit it: you’ve been looking at photos and videos of dogs since you found out you’ll be working from home. No worries, we’re not judging you. It’s possible that’s what a lot of us are doing, too. It’s one of the many things people do to keep themselves entertained during the lockdown.

It makes perfect sense since dogs have this innate capacity to shoo the bad vibes away. Their silly antics send us rolling in the floor laughing, and their adorable gestures make our hearts melt. In a way, looking at photos and watching videos of dogs help lift off some stress off our backs during this lockdown.

A confusing image

One dog photo has been leaving people confused these past days. It looks a bit creepy, especially since the dog seems to be missing its head in the photo. People have been spending countless hours trying to figure out what’s wrong with the picture.

The said image already has over 637,000 views on Imgur as of writing. It was uploaded a year ago, and it’s gone viral since people have been trying to make sense of what happened. People may want to have their questions answered; that’s why the photo’s recently been making rounds again online.

The happy three-legged dog

Some netizens drew digital images to help them figure out what went wrong with the dog’s picture. Others decided to make things fun by drawing a face on the spot where the dog’s head should have been located.

To appease everyone, the owner of the dog later on uploaded his photo from another angle. It turns out the dog was just licking his back when the confusing photo was taken. Those who were freaked out at first finally got their peace of mind after seeing that the three-legged dog is safe and well.

Credits to confusing_perspective


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