Most people misunderstand the true nature of pit bulls. With their large body builds, most people think they’re aggressive, lacking the gentleness needed in dealing with children.

As such, a particular pit bull showcases to the world his amazing ability to track a newborn baby with extreme gentleness.

Find the baby, Diesel.

In this video clip, Diesel lies comfortably on his dog bed by their television. A few seconds later, the camera’s focus shifts to show a newborn baby named Ridley sleeping soundly on the sofa.

After the short introduction of the video’s leading stars, Diesel’s fur dad snaps his fingers to call the pooch over. As soon as Diesel heard the clicking sound, he obediently rushes towards Dad and sits in front of him, ready to receive his instruction.

Diesel eagerly looks at Dad as he carefully listens to the instructions. Dad wants Diesel to look for Ridley and show him the baby’s whereabouts. As soon as Dad finished issuing his command, the obedient dog saunters towards the sleeping baby’s direction.

Here’s the cute baby, Dad.

Ever the smart pooch, it did not take long for Diesel to find his baby brother. The moment Diesel reached Ridley’s spot, Dad called him back, perhaps to avoid disturbing the baby’s sleep.

Diesel follows through with Dad’s command, ultimately earning him some well-deserved praises. But, before Diesel resumes sitting on the floor and take a breather, Dad calls him once again to repeat the task.

The quick-witted pooch straightaway jumped to the task and showed Dad the baby. However, before he finishes the job, the pooch makes a sweet gesture that’ll surely melt one’s heart.

If you want to find out what Diesel’s sweet gesture was, make sure to watch the video below until the very end.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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