If you told the first people who domesticated dogs, thousands of years ago, that these furballs would be able to do surfing, airborne rescue missions, and dance in the future, they would probably think you were crazy. We’ve seen enough unbelievable events on this planet to believe that impossible things stay that way until somebody does it.

We can never speak too soon, and the same can be said about our dogs. These little friendly furries never cease to surprise us with what they can do, in exchange for a tasty treat from their human parents. They have conquered surfing, jumped from choppers to rescuing drowning people, and now, they can do acrobatics.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. This talented little doggy is Ozzy. He has been training for two years to perfect this trick. His human dad Nick, explained that they do lots of practice as this is typically not a trick that is being done by dogs. This is why it took the pup a couple of years to master this skill.

Nick stated that practicing in different locations is key for Ozzy to do be able to do this trick. Being in unfamiliar places and being required to do something that is not easy, helps the pup build his confidence. Basically, he is being taken out of his comfort zone.

In this video, Nick prompted Ozzy to step on to the rope to do the trick and the pup happily obliged. He put his front paws on the rope and his left hind leg too as he tried to finds his balance. Seconds later, he pushes himself up, and he balances his body on the rope, only using his front paws.

His hind legs were up in the air, and he was able to keep this position for a few seconds. This dog is amazingly skilled and incredibly obedient to his human dad. Most people wouldn’t even dream of achieving a feat like this. It’s truly remarkable what tons of practice and a pack of doggy treats can achieve. See Ozzy’s performance in the video below.

Video credit: nicknozzy via Youtube


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