Dog collars can be comfortable, but they are not made to be worn 24/7. A collar that stays on a dog for too long without adjustments can damage its neck. Unfortunately, that is what happened to a stray dog named Huimang.

Huimang is a stray dog that has a tight collar around her neck. Nobody knows long she had been wearing a collar, but its appearance suggests that she had it on for a long time. The fur around the collar had turned dark brown, likely due to an infection.

There were a few people who wanted to help Huimang, but they found it difficult to rescue the dog. The dog would run away any time someone approached her. That’s why no one has ever successfully removed the collar on Huimang’s neck.

While Huimang did not like to be around people, there was one friend she always spent her time with. That friend is another dog named Huindoong. When no one was following her, she would meet him at his dog house, and he always welcomed her.

After some time, dog rescuers saw an opportunity to finally help Huimang. They built a trap around his home, using him as bait for the stray dog. Eventually, the rescuers were able to capture Huimang and bring her to a veterinary clinic.

At the clinic, the veterinarians quickly removed Huimang’s collar and performed surgery on her neck. They treated an infected wound around her neck. After Huimang’s medical treatment, she remained at the clinic to rest and heal.

One woman who knew Huimang was happy to see the dog finally getting medical treatment. She plans to adopt the dog after it gets released from the clinic. Luckily that woman is also the owner of Huindoong, which means that the two best friends would be reunited soon.

Source: SBS TV Animals via YouTube.


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