A growing stray dog population is one of the biggest headaches for many Southern states. This is due to the lack of spaying and neutering. Because of this, many shelters are overcrowded, and their solution is to euthanize poor animals.

Such was the case of a homeless pooch named Robin. Fortunately for him, a rescue group saved him in time. And his show of gratitude has captured the hearts of many people online.


Robin was picked up by animal control officers while walking by the side of the road. He was sent to a kill shelter right away. Because he was limping, the staff placed him on the euthanasia list immediately. They didn’t want to treat his injury anymore and would rather have him put to sleep.

Just as he was about to be given the lethal injection, a Texas-based nonprofit rescue organization named Vet Ranch saved him. They took Robin from the kill shelter and brought the pooch to their own facility. One of the volunteer vets, Dr. Wendy, looked at his injury immediately.

After a series of tests, they discovered his leg wasn’t broken. It just had a bruising. He was going to be killed for a minor injury that would have healed with some time and rest.


Robin must have realized that he was saved from the brink of death. In a video documenting his rescue, Dr. Wendy gave a backstory on Robin and explained his injuries. While she was talking, the grateful pooch leaned in and gave her a sweet hug.

The video became viral and amassed almost two million views. People adored the dog’s reaction and commended the rescue group for their relentless efforts to save lives.

Before the video ended, Dr. Wnedy said Robin had fully recovered and was already neutered. He is waiting for his forever home.

Source: Vet Ranch via Youtube


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