Kerry Irving is a locksmith and a Keswick resident who suffered severe injuries after a car accident. As a result, he couldn’t walk, and his body was riddled with pain. This led to his depression.

Doctors said that Kerry could still use his legs. But he needed to strengthen his muscles. Without the will to go on, he refused therapy and stayed in a wheelchair. He refused to go out of his home and even became suicidal.

That all changed when he met Max.

Miracle dog

Max is a senior Springer Spaniel mix who inspired Kerry to start moving once again. He loved the dog so much that he wanted to be the one to take him out on walks. Soon, his legs gained muscle, and he could use them with minimal support. They eventually went on hikes and covered challenging trails.

Kerry wanted to share with everyone the effect that his “miracle dog” had on him. He started a Facebook page and would do live videos of their exercises. They quickly gained fans. Soon, they had more than 260,000 followers. Everyone adored the 13-year-old pooch, and requests for live meetings rose.


With many people wanting to meet his dog, Kerry had Max undergo training as a therapy dog. He needed to ensure that his pet would be calm and prepared when meeting new people. When he got certified, the duo visited hospitals, schools, and hospices. The canine’s popularity grew even bigger, and more people clamored to meet him.

Eventually, Kerry realized he could use his pet’s fame to do something good. So he started organizing walks for charity, with Max leading the pack. Numerous people joined their events, and they were able to raise more than 350,000 dollars. They were given to various charity organizations.

For their generosity, Max received multiple commendations and awards.

Source: Stuart Holmes/PDSA/PA via


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