Cowheel, rawhide, and other snacks can be great for dogs. However, dog owners still need to be careful when selecting the right bone product, as some are low-quality. On the flip side, if a bone snack is too good, a dog might get obsessed with it.

A fluffy dog named Jaden is obsessed with his cowheel. He prefers it over any other food that his owner offers. Furthermore, he would get aggressive if anyone came near him whenever he was licking the cowheel.

Jaden’s owner had no idea why her dog became so obsessed with cowheel. She also notices that, unlike other dogs, Jaden only licks it. He never bites or finishes eating it.

The animal behavior expert Lee Chan Jong visited Jaden’s owner to help her. He offered to teach her how to fix the dog’s obsession with cowheel. In order to do that, he encouraged her to use that food as a reward instead of giving it to him for free.

Jaden’s trainer took the cowheel away from him before training began. She gave him simple commands such as sit and stay. Then if Jaden follows those commands, the owner gives the cowheel back to him.

Whenever Jaden’s owner gives him cowheel, she doesn’t let go of it immediately. She allows him to nibble on it to train the habit of consuming the food instead of just licking it. That’s a technique that the expert told her about.

After a long training session, Jaden’s owner saw significant improvements in the dog’s behavior. Jaden no longer felt the need to guard his cowheels. Furthermore, the dog started consuming his food instead of leaving them unfinished. Finally, Jaden regained his appetite for regular dog food, which is something that his owner was glad to see.

Source: SBS TV Animals via YouTube.


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