Leticia Gonzalez, a resident of Kansas and a stay-at-home mom to four-year-old twins, took her family to Mexico for Christmas. She had a mission to make the holiday season happy for less fortunate children. Her daughters, Gianella and Luna, enjoyed the experience and were delighted they could help.

When they got back to their home, Leticia told them they could also have their own wishlist, like the kids they helped. The twins wrote what they wanted on a note, taped it to a balloon, and released it in the air. They hoped that it would reach Santa at the North Pole.

One of the things they asked for was a puppy.

Fly away

Expectedly, the balloon didn’t go where they expected it to. Instead, it floated in the opposite direction and ended up 650 miles away in Louisiana.

A retiree named Alvin Bamburgv saw the deflated balloon hanging in his tree and took it down. The kind guy was surprised by the note attached and found it amusing. He decided to make the girls happy and make their wishes come true.


Alvin needed to get more information so he could send the gifts. He posted a photo of the balloon and the note. Eventually, he got in touch with the twin’s mother.

Leticia was shocked at first. She couldn’t believe that a stranger would grant her daughters’ wishes. She then gave their address and thanked the good man for his intentions.

Alvin bought the candies and toys the girls wanted and had them shipped to their home. As for the puppy, he and his wife drove all the way to Kansas to surprise the twins personally. When the girls saw their new poet, they were overjoyed. They named him Max.

Seeing the excitement and happiness on the twins’ faces made all of Alvin’s efforts truly worthwhile. He said it was like being given a gift as well.

Source: ABC News via Facebook


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