Some dogs chew and destroy items whenever they are bored. However, sometimes, it’s hard to identify the reason for such destructive habits. Even dogs that are well-behaved can suddenly change and start tearing items apart out of the blue.

Dori is a dachshund that has numerous toys given to him by his owners. However, most of those toys are damaged or broken. That’s because he has a bad habit of chewing and biting them until they break.

Aside from toys, Dori would often bite chunks off his dog bed. As a result, the house would be littered with pieces of foam and cotton. Every time that happens, the owner is faced with a strenuous cleaning task.

While it’s true that Dori is very destructive and often leaves a mess, he only destroys items that belong to him. His toys are torn to shred, but things that belong to his owners remain untouched. That’s why the owners are baffled and have no idea how to identify what makes Dori behave that way.

There’s another factor that makes the owners more confused. There is one toy that Dori never destroys, which is his teddy bear. The owners could never figure out why it’s the only item he never tears apart. After all, the teddy bear is just as easy to destroy as any of his other toys.

One day, the owners sought the help of an animal behavior expert from SBS TV, a popular television network in South Korea. The expert, Lee Chan Jong, observed Dori intently to identify the cause of his behavior.

Lee has never failed to solve any dog behavior issues presented to him thus far. Hence, the owners were hopeful that they could finally put a stop to Dori’s destructive habits. To find out more about how the expert managed to find a solution, check out the source link below.

Source: SBS TV Animals via YouTube.


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