It’s always nice to see two dogs interacting like best friends, even when they have just met. Seeing them behave that way is one reason why some people adopt multiple dogs. Having more than one dog ensures that each dog will have a best friend even when their owners are busy or unavailable.

Harry and Summer are dog owners who have two dogs that are very dear to them. Both of those dogs came into their life at different times. Eventually, those dogs became brothers and best friends, never doing anything without the other.

Stark was the first dog that Harry owned. He was adopted on Harry’s birthday as the man’s gift to himself. Back then, Stark was still a puppy, and Harry felt an instant connection when they first met.

Oliver, on the other hand, is a dog that was adopted by the couple later in their relationship. Summer and Harry knew they wanted another dog, so they checked nearby animal shelters. At that time, they saw Oliver, a pit bull that was rescued from horrible living conditions. After spending some time with him at the shelter, the couple decided to adopt him.

Stark acts as an older brother to Oliver. He tries to match the younger dog’s energy, even if that means running around with him endlessly. Fortunately, their owners have a large backyard, so the two dogs can be as playful and rambunctious as they want to be.

Oliver and Stark are very goofy most of the time. When they are playing, they will knock over items unintentionally. Fortunately, they would never intentionally destroy any object inside the house.

Like many dog owners, Summer and Harry treat their pit bulls like their children. They know that their dogs are very different from what people would expect from pit bulls. Their dog’s breed doesn’t matter to the couple because they know how to raise them properly.

Source: Geobeats Animals via YouTube.


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