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There are stray dogs that avoid rescuers on purpose. This makes them difficult to capture and requires rescuers to use unique methods to save them. But, sometimes, the simplest technique is sufficient to gain their trust.

Bakersfield was home to a chihuahua named Honey who frequently wandered a busy roadway. There were numerous social media posts about her, but nobody had ever been able to save her. The entire situation changed, though, when a rescuer named Danny Spanks came to help.

Danny attempted all conventional means of acquiring a dog’s trust. Although Honey would respond to the treats that he would offer her, she would retreat if approached. Danny soon learned that her reputation for being evasive is quite true.

Danny had a breakthrough when he rolled a ball toward Honey to see what would happen. The dog eagerly approached the ball and attempted to play with it. Danny interpreted this as an indication of her want to play.

In subsequent days, Danny brought Honey numerous toys. The majority of them are squeaky toys that have been found to be quite appealing to dogs. The toys made it possible for Danny to approach Honey. He eventually succeeded in putting her on a leash.

Once Honey was saved, she immediately warmed up to Danny. She revealed her lively and cheerful side. Honey’s conduct while residing with Danny was the exact opposite of what it had been before she was rescued.

Eventually, Danny delivered Honey to a rescue center. Finally, after a few weeks, she found her permanent residence. As Danny discovered the excellent news, he got elated. He is pleased that Honey has found a home where she will be pampered and cared for.

Danny Spanks is an indispensable member of the animal rescue community. He established the nonprofit A Safurr Place and rescued innumerable canines.

Source: The Dodo


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